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koodo dropped price on iphone s2x and ace

  • 9 February 2013
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iphone 4, s2x and ace had lowered prices... thanks koodo!

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6 replies

cool story bro
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cool story broWhat's wrong with giving praise? Please try to be respectful to other forum members.
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cool story broI don't think anything is wrong with this post. Good on Koodo. It should also be noted though these are older devices and it makes sense the price would be adjusted accordingly. If they dropped the price on the z10, s3 and iphone5, that would be something pretty remarkable.
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cool story broNice, koodo have sale again on select phones.
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How come the first two have $227 tab applied
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How come the first two have $227 tab appliedBecause he was probably logged into his self-serve when he took the screenshots