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Koodo CSR doubled the COST of my plan after calling for help with APN codes

  • 26 November 2016
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I had 2 lines - both on the $48 5GB plan for a whole year and never had any issues with billing or service. In Oct 2016, I wasn't connecting to the internet and wanted to get the proper APN codes to see if it would fix the connection issue. It didn't fix it. It was my phone just automatically switching off my the radio because it was on ultimate power saving. BUT DURING THE PHONE CALL, THE REP NOTICED I HAD THE $48 PLAN WITH A CALGARY PHONE #. He then warned me that my plan might be changed and I said why. I work across Canada and my mailing address is still Saskatchewan but for working in Calgary. I needed a local 587 number. SURPRISE for me on my NOV 2016 bill...$180. When all year my bill had been less than $100 per month for both lines. I went online to make sure it showed I had a Saskatchewan address still. Called in and complained. But told I would have to change my number back to Saskatchewan to get my plans back. It was no longer possible in the system to change even if my address was Saskatchewan but my phone # is from Calgary. I was about to turn into the WORST MONSTER ever until Michael helped me get my bill down to $135 for at least 2 months and said to stick around because there may be new plans coming up that may be similar to my old plan. So yesterday RED FLAG DEALS had a thread about the retention plans being given out that were for current koodo customers and were exactly the so SK$48 5GB PLAN STOLEN FROM ME BY that koodo csr. Waited on the phone for over an hour and will be finding out on Monday from a very helpful rep what he can do to resolve this unfairness. If I don't get it back....good bye KOODO ..GOING TO THE NEW WIND COMPANY. now known as FREEDOM MOBILE. ..lets all go if koodo continues to ram us with a 100% increase on our bills..RIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS IN THE DEPTHS OF THE WORST RECESSION THROUGHOUT ALBERTA AND ESPECIALLY IN CALGARY. THANKS FOR THE HEARTLESSNESS KOODO. I will keep spreading the Truth unless this is fixed.

3 replies

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Koodo hasn't double my bill, I was able to actually TRIPLE my data (from 1GB to 2 GB a few months ago, now to 3GB yesterday), while staying with the exact same $55+Tab plan I've always had.  Sorry, not going anywhere.
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I must understand your frustration, but there's a reason Koodo switched you to your province's plan and you can not complain. They even warned you and you did absolutely nothing. 

You can't have your cake and eat it too.
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Curious where you reside?  Do you live in SK for more than 6 months of the year, and file your income tax as a SK resident?  The SK plans are clearly labeled as being for residents of SK.