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I'm looking to sign the 2 year tab for the S6 with a $400 down, i have a job and I will be attending college in the fall and have paid all my deposits and tuition fees on time but... As most 18 year olds I have no credit, I have a credit card and a valid SIN but I've only had my credit card for about a week or 2 now... Will I get approved on a tab.. Or will I be placed on a spending limit?

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Hi Finny,

If most cases if you passed the credit check for your credit card you will most likely pass the credit check for Koodo, I was in your situation a few years ago and I was fine.
Thank you Matthew! Hope you're right 🙂
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Actually students are automatically approved for (student) visas and there is no credit check. It wont be as easy as Mathieu makes it out to be. Just be prepared for it to go either way and not "most likely pass" like Mathieu suggested. Build your credit by making small purchases on your visa and paying them off right away 🙂