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Koodo added tnt 30 to my account without my instruction

In the past, I asked Koodo to add TNT30 to my account, and automatically add it every month. Koodo agent said they could not do that. So that every time, I added it manually by texting.

From November last month, this TNT30 was discontinued. I called Koodo agent, the agent added that for me, and told me this is the last time the TNT30 can be added, and had been discontinued. 

And now in December, I do not need the TNT30, and Koodo added it to my account again. 

What do you think Koodo's service? They do exactly opposite to what you asked. I have tried to call Koodo, and nobody answered the call. 

Koodo, can someone help me to remove TNT30 in my account for this month? I did not instruct you to add it in my account.

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The call center is  flooded with calls right now. As this wasn't an urgent case, I would suggest you send message to facebook or twitter, with your account number, and problem. They could come back to you later.
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@Hong, when you called in we told you that we no longer have single passes and we now offer Easy Roam that allows you to use your plan minutes, text and data when you roam for a daily fee. You do not have TNT 30, what you agreed to was the an older recurring roaming feature which is not available online. If you do not need this you can remove it from by logging into it to you self serve account. Or we can do it for you but there is a $10 convenience fee for having a rep do it for you. Hope this clear things up. 
Please remove  Easy Roam in my account. This is duplicate with tnt30.
The easyroam is locked so that users cannot remove them. Only agent can do it. To remove it, you should not charge me a fee. Thank you.
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Hong Lu wrote:

The easyroam is locked so that users cannot remove them. Only agent can do it. To remove it, you ...

Easy Roam can be removed online Hong. Lots of people add it or remove it based on when they need it. There is no charge for Easy Roam when not used.