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Keeping my phone, but upgrading my plan to the new Tab

So I recently outright bought a S6 Edge and transferred it to my account. I still had some money left over on my tab from my old phone, and now wish to pay it off and try to upgrade my plan from the old Medium/Large to the New Tab. However, I've been trying to find some type of information of whether or not I'd have to pay for the New Tab, since I outright bought the phone.

So my question is: Since I outright bought the phone, if I upgrade my plan(not my phone), would I have to pay a Tab charge on top of the plan?

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If you're still on a tab where koodo contributes 10-15% each month (prior to April 19 2015), you'll have to pay that off to take advantage of the new plans.
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Yes you would if you want the new plans.
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I don't think these people are reading your question correctly.  If you pay off your tab, you can upgrade your plan to any of the new plans listed on their website.  You will not be charged a tab charge because you bought your phone outright and won't have any tab balance.