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Keep getting error message when trying to change anything on self serve account

I've been trying to take off an add-on on my account for over a month and just keep getting a pop up saying "an error has occurred. please refresh the page or try again later". When I look for other options it tells me if I call in to Koodo it'll be a fee of $10 to have them remove it for me. Like is this Koodo trying to make a little extra money or something like why won't it let me change anything to do with my service? I'm tired of paying for something I'm not using and I don't want to have to pay to have it removed when I should be able to remove it on my own. 

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Hi Amanda, I kept getting the same error message (when trying to change plans). People here suggested clearing your cache or using a different browser or device. None of that worked for me, so I called in (just a warning -was on hold for around 3.5 hours total since I was disconnected during my first call while waiting). I asked them to waive the $10 fee because I could not change my plan online. You can try doing the same, if you're patient enough for the lengthy hold time!
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Hey Amanda, send us a private message thru Facebook and we'll take a look at this for you
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You're best option would be to contact Koodo via FB messenger and explain the situation!