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Keep getting disconnected from Koodo network. Why?

Phone is an unlocked Samsung S6. Doesn't matter if I'm in a fullbar area or lowbar area. Exact error is "No service. Selected network (Koodo) unavailable." Then it connects for 15 - 20 minutes before disconnecting again.

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Try turning your phone off and taking out the SIM Card and reseating it again in the tray then pop it back in. The card may not be seating properly. You can also try going into your settings and under wireless network settings click on cellular networks and let it search for the towers around....it will then pop up a list of carriers, tap on Koodo to select it. Let us know if either solution fixes the issue.
Did both of those, disconnects still happening.
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Ask for the apn settings if that doesnt work try asking for a new sim. Mine did that 3 months ago i got a new sim and its been working fine since.
Have tried the manual APN settings. Guess I'll try a new SIM.