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Kari-Ann @ St. Laurent mall, Ottawa

She was incredible! I brought my own phone (an international device with a custom rom, no less) and she spent a good half an hour making sure everything was set up correctly. It was an utterly delightful experience, so refreshing to see someone who does their job that well. Bravo!

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Hello Tarnbir,

Thank you for your feedback! We're always striving to keep our promise and make you happy. Kari-Ann will be glad to hear that she succeeded 🙂

Many thanks!
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My experience with Koodo staff at mall locations has been 10+. Phone departed store set-up with contacts transferred and a few test calls successfully made. Other vendors, a little less so, because staff have to juggle a few more brands around that might actually be a better choice for the current customer. Beware of thinking that just because you've Googled a few items on the net that you have all the answers. Local staff on the ground can often tell you if there are local dead zones for reception or if there are certain phones that are really successful in your neighbourhood.They are well aware that you can invoke a 15-day return period while you are making a decision.