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Just wanna see the pretty picture!

So my friend sent me a picture text. Couldn't view it so I got on Samsung Live Chat since my phone is a Galaxy Ace II X. They told me to turn off my wifi and turn my data on. I did so, the photo downloaded but a blank screen came up and a 10 second timer ran down. Samsung told me to contact Koodo to get MMS activated. Is this true?

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Possibly, Dan, if you have requested a data block in the past.... otherwise it might be that your APN settings are incorrect, did you check them?
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if there was a data block you would be directed to koodomobile.com/bb, a site that doesn't exist. Since you weren't, I'd say there is no block. try sending yourself a picture message with the data on. If that works you may need to ask the original sender to resend the image.
I just had someone else send me a picture and it worked fine. This one was 163 kb and the other one that didn't go through was 708 kb. So the Samsung rep was wrong. I know that I've received pictures before. She mentioned something about an MMS limit of 300 kb. All in all it was a very confusing chat session, and I got the distinct impression that she was trying to blame Koodo. Well, I may have been born at night, but it wasn't last night!