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Just upgraded, how much is my Nexus 5 worth on the used market (to sell)?

It's in excellent condition, always was in a case, works as it should, zero scratches, 3 cases, original box/papers/charger/receipt dated Sep/2014, etc.  I've read that these are unlocked so someone could toss their SIM in it and be on their way.  Box says "LG D820" on it.

I keep everything and my used gear is almost always, immaculate. 

Just wondering what these are worth in near perfect condition?  $100?  Any info would be appreciated.  I'm in Southern Ontario.


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Check what other people are selling theirs for on Kijiji in your area and create your ad accordingly. It's gotta be worth at least 100 bucks in pristine condition with all the packaging.
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I’m seeing between $125 and $200 on Kijiji, looking between Toronto and the Niagara region. Or you could take the Nexus 5 to a Koodo shop and see how much in-store credit they will offer you. In-store credit can be put toward phone accessories, for example. The in-store credit probably won’t be near as much compared to selling the phone for cash, but it may be an option if you don't have that many buyers.
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As someone who sells phones regularly on Kijiji, I'd advise you to list it at $200, and accept an offer of $150 or better.

Selling tips:

1. Post a few photos showing the condition and everything that's included.
2. Use your postal code without your address.
3. Meet at a public place - you're meeting a complete stranger.

Good luck!
Just to confirm, these are unlocked and a dude putting his Rogers (or any other) micro sim in there would be good to go?  Didn't realize there was a little tool for the SIM tray, I just looked and I have it in the box as well.

I still have to backup all my photos and info on the phone, probably put it to my PC, then format it.

I'd like to get around $150 for it.
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Gibson wrote:

Just to confirm, these are unlocked and a dude putting his Rogers (or any other) micro sim in the...

It's also compatible with every carrier, including Wind, which expands yours audience.
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That's correct, the Nexus phones are all unlocked. Just pop any sim in and anyone is good to go.
Just as an update, I listed for $160 and got a couple offers at $140, so I sold it to a girl for $140.  She looked pretty happy about the immaculate condition and all the accessories included (charger is in the box), also stated she too was on Koodo but had dropped her phone in water and needed a replacement.  I think both parties are happy.