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Just a lil confused!

I have a Samsung Galaxy S II X,my plan is Canada-Wide Data Double 50 (600minutes & 1GB Data).I've had Wi-Fi on & Mobile data off from day 1 & have been sending & receiving pictures with no problem.Now since I updated to Jellybean 4.1.2 when I receive pictures I have to download them whereas before they showed up in my messages,also every picture I send gets compressed (resolution is 800x480) & is sent as MMS.Why & what settings do I have to change in order for me to 1:Not get charged for data usage. 2:Make it so I don't have to download any pictures that are sent to me.

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1. First MMS needs Data services to be enabled 2. Only way to view or save your received attached pictures to your Text messages is to download them
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By definition, attaching a picture to a text message makes it an MMS.
It doesn't matter the operating system. HSPA phones require an active mobile data connection in order to send/receive mms. That is how MMS is sent over the HSPA network and there is no way to be able to change that. 1: There isn't a way to avoid this. The best you can do is turn your mobile data on, receive/send the picture, then turn it off. 2: By keeping your data off you won't receive pictures.
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You won't "get charged" for this data use because not only does your plan include unlimited MMS, you have a 1GB data plan anyway! You're actually better off than 99% of other customers who want to send pictures but don't have a data plan. Go to Messaging, hit your menu key and go to Settings > Auto-retrieve and make sure it's enabled. Now your messages should be auto-downloaded once your data is turned on.
Thank you so very much! So I go to settings,Wireless & networks,Data usage,check Mobile data,(option to set data limit) & yes I made sure Auto-retrieve is checked. I may be a noob with cell phones but I'm an IT Tech all this stuff with new phones drive me nuts.I was able to update to Jellybean all by myself lol,I want a cookie lol.Peace.
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Peter Rawlins wrote:

Thank you so very much! So I go to settings,Wireless & networks,Data usage,check Mobile data,(opt...

Peace! Anonymous IT. lol