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Jelly Bean is draining my battery faster on the galaxy s2x

My phone battery seems to be draining faster now that I have upgraded to Jellybean. I have the power saving options on, but this only helped a little

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Consider draining the battery to zero. Charge the S2x with the device turned off to 100%, this should "re-calibrate" the battery. I normally don't use this method as this can significantly reduce the lifespan of Li-ion batteries.It won't hurt the battery if only done once or twice a year.
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If Rikkster's suggestions don't work then do a factory reset, whenever issues arise after a major update its a good idea to do a factory reset and start with a like new device. Make sure you back up your contacts and any important info prior to resetting the device.
Both of the suggestions above will probably help you with the battery drain, particularly the factory reset. A few things jump out at me: 1. Location Services: Androids tend to love using location services (from personal experience) for things such as maps and GPS tracking and whatnot, which aids apps like Google Now if they're available to you. I'd go into Settings and check out your Location Services settings. 2. WiFi, Bluetooth and Brightness: Self-explanatory, and you're probably already keeping them in check, but all three things can drain your battery like crazy. Keep WiFi and Bluetooth disabled when not in use, and brightness on auto. 3. Running Apps: People seem to love running apps in the background. Certain apps (like antivirus ones and GPS trackers for pedometers and such) can cause an unnecessary drain on power. Be sure to go through your apps and keep their background running in check. 4. Widgets and Live Wallpapers: Widgets can also be a bit of a power drain, depending on the refresh rate and what kind of data they're displaying. Live Wallpapers can also cause a similar power drain. If you navigate to Settings > Battery, you should be able to get a good report of what apps are using the battery the most. Check those out.
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matthewmascioni wrote:

Both of the suggestions above will probably help you with the battery drain, particularly the fac...

The thing is though that I'm sure he hasn't changed his usage habits other than using it a little more trying out the new version of Android.