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issues logging in

I am writing this on behalf of my mom.  Up until last week some time, she was able to use her phone (I'm not sure of the brand other than it has "Cat", the industrial machinery brand, on it and it's runs Android).   

Recently, it was disconnected and we went to get money to top the account (prepaid) and get it back up.  

when I enter the email (that still works by the way), it comes back with 'login failed, please try again'.  So I go to change the password and try again. Same thing.  This has occured at least 5 times.

I even went to try and re-register, thinking maybe the number was expired (why, though, as it was in use until very recently).  Nope. 'Number is already registered'.  

I have emailed Koodo and still waiting for an answer.  My mother is very upset because she has spend $50 on something she cannot even return and if we knew that this was an issue we wouldn't have bought more time. 

I'm at a point, being a long time customer myself, that I'm gonna give up and go with someone else.  This is crazy that I can't get any answers or any clue why this is occuring.

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Try to clear the cache and cookies on your browser before you try again. Or try logging in with another browser.

If that fails
Have you tried the forgot my password link? It's possible you're entering the wrong password

Let us know
I've tried the forgot password...5 times.  I mentioned that in the original post.