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Issue with s7 edge screen

I'm having a issue with my s7 edge screen, if it's in my pocket starts to get warm like every phone does, how ever it will start opening random apps on my phone Start scrolling left to right making my attempts to close the apps or do anything useless I have to force my phone off let it cool down and restart. I haven't dropped my phone nor got it wet have no idea what is causing this.

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You should definitely try a factory reset first... see if that solves it.

If the problem continues, you might have to claim warranty because it might be a hardware problem in that case.
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Do you have a lock screen enabled? One reason the phone might be getting warm is because without a lock screen enabled, your phone can randomly open apps while in your pocket. It might open quite a few of them and depending on the number of apps opened, (e.g. phone, camera, gps nav, or even FB), the phone will get warm. Enabling a lock screen will prevent apps from opening accidentally, while in your pocket.
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Hi mesmashh! Were you able to get the screen issue resolved? Did you have to get it serviced within the warranty? Keep us posted 🙂
Lock screen is enabled, I'm going to try a factory reset tomorrow. Hasn't done it in a few days.
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Hey Mesmashh!

Has the factory reset helped? Keep us posted!