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Issue while activating my SIM card online

  • 18 August 2017
  • 9 replies

Hi, I recently purchased a SIM card from the store and paid for a base plan as well. But when I try to activate it online, I can't get past the "Base Plan" option. What should I do?

9 replies

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I would just call koodo and have them activate it. Lots of people are having the same issue as you.
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What error are you getting?
No error, it just shows me an image of all the prepaid plans available, and doesn't allow me to continue with the process. 
Me too. The problem is I don't have another sim card to call them. I just arrived Canada. Is there any other way?
Use the 'Google Hangout' app and call them for free through that. Problem is, they say they'll charge $15 for the activation.
the $15, is that the basic Koodo prepaid base plan? If not, do you know why we have to pay? I have paid $23 for the sim card.
No, that's their fee for activating the SIM through the phone. It's separate from the Base Plan and Add-On's.
oh goshhh, what a bad service. If I could not activate it within tomorrow, I will return it. Do not want to pay anymore to this company. Guess if I could return it and the top up I bought at Walmart.
This is the worst service ever, I regretted choosing koodo. I even had difficulties on finding where to buy koodo pre-paid sim cards, and now this.