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issue of loose sim card still a problem even after going in for service.

I have a moto g, and it went in for service in Jan 31/14. The original problem was that the sim card wouldn't lock into place. slide the card in, it would "click", but could still slide it out with your fingernail. And after getting it back from service, the problem still persists. Having to open the back of the phone a couple of times a week is getting to wear on my nerves a little, and not having service when I need it is not acceptable.

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Hmm. It sounds like the issue wasn't fixed... have you contacted the kiosk where you sent it out for service? I think you need to have it go out again. Or, here's another option: for $25, you can request a priority replacement exchange. Koodo will ship you a new Moto G to your house and then all you'll have to do is send back the old one in a mailer. Call customer service over the phone to set this up.
I went to the Koodo at Pickering Town, and they advised me after following protocol first, it would be wise to contact Koodo customer service, because they could send it out again...and once again comeback not fixed. As for paying $25 for another phone. Why would anyone pay extra for something covered under warranty? Whats next?
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dave williams wrote:

I went to the Koodo at Pickering Town, and they advised me after following protocol first, it wou...

You'd pay extra because it's convenient to have a new phone sent to you and you're simply returning the old phone. No.waiting to get the fixed one back, no worries if they'll fix it right. Just an exchange.
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I agree Dave, the device is under warranty and you shouldn't have to pay extra for what appears to be a manufacturers' defect. Send the Moto G back in for repair (again) and in the meantime, pickup a loaner device (free of charge, original sales receipt is required to show proof of purchase) so that you're not without a phone for the duration. If the Moto G comes back unrepaired, then I think Koodo should step up and find out what's going on. You should also bring along any service/repair documentation you received when you sent the device out for repair.
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I have a question that I thought of while reading this is are you using a micro sim or did you cut a different size sim down?