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Issue in Samsung S4

  • 9 December 2013
  • 6 replies

Hello.. My name is Jit. I bought Samsung S4 in last july. From last 2 months when my friends are calling me sometime call directly going to voice mail. 2 out of 10 calls are having this issue. My friend also has same phone from different carrier and he is also has same issue. I contact Samsung support they told me this is carrier issue. Then contact Koodo customer service they told me there is no any issue on your phone. Any fix for this ?

6 replies

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Thanks for Help.You're welcome.
Thanks for Help.
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I'd call tech support to get a ticket logged (option 6). Let them know you've hard of other people having this issue. Also, let them know you've already changed out the sim card on the phone.
No i did not move my number. Hard reset my s4 still doing same thing. One of friend bought same phone but from different carrier. He had same problem before so he went to Bell customer service center and changed SIM card now his phone is working fine. I did same thing but no change. Seems like this is carrier issue because one more friend just bought new S4 and he is having same issue as well.
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Did you move the number from another service provider to koodo when you signed up with us?
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I'd try changing out the sim card. That would eliminate the issue being the phone or sim card. Also, you can try a factory reset but if you decide to do this to back everything up on your phone.