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Is there an ad on to call Australia?

my question is my mom lives in Australia and I would like to talk to her on my cell. I was wondering is there any add ons that I could get so I can call her and she can call me on my cell?

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You can receive calls from her with no LD charges. You'll just have to worry about airtime that's in your plan. As for outgoing, you can add the $3 International LD saver. It gives you a cheaper per minute rate, described here: http://help.koodomobile.com/coverage-long-distance-and-travelling/long-distance If you do the add-on, you'll pay 5c/min for outgoing calls to Australia. Your regular airtime applies too; ie. if you have 100 daytime minutes in your plan and call your mom, you're using those minutes AND you're paying 5c/min extra, so I would recommend doing it on your unlimited evenings/weekends window and/or have your mom call you whenever she can.
Thank you so much for the info