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Is there a way to pay the monthy charge for your plan ahead of time?

Id like to pay my monthly plan ahead of time to get it out of the way.Is this even possible?

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If you use online banking, go ahead and pay it. you don't have to wait until the due date. The only catch is that if you have any overages, you will have to pay those by the due date. I inadvertently did that with rogers, I was over paying by about $20/month (set it on autopilot and forgot about it at the online bank site) All of a sudden I had a $150 credit, and cancelled my contract with 7 months remaining and went to Koodo. It felt great...
Yes you can, you just overpay and whatever s due will be deducted out of your credit, or you can set the pre authorised payments, with a credit card or your chequing/saving acct. But it s still advised to still check your bill at least once a month...in case as marcel said of overages, if you want to dispute something, etc