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Is there a reason the battery win't charge in a phone? The phone is less than a year old.

  • 2 February 2014
  • 6 replies


6 replies

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Could be a number of factors: faulty battery, faulty charging port, cable, wall plug. Try different cables and plugs. If it's still not charging, chances are it's something internal. If the phone is less than a year old, you are still covered by warranty.
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Do you mean your phone doesn't get a charge at all or does it take a long time to charge?
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What phone do you have?
It's a Galaxy ace phone. It won't charge. It is a friends phone.
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It's a Galaxy ace phone. It won't charge. It is a friends phone.I'm going to be honest with you, I wouldn't even bother trying to repair it even if it's under warranty. You should really consider replacing the device. The Ace was bottom of the barrel Android and had numerous glitches and issues. I had to DOA several of them in Uxbridge every month or so. Check out the Moto G for a cheap phone done correctly.
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Moto G is not 'cheap' that's the point!

It is a solidly constucted phone that can be totally relied upon. It is packed and stacked, with so called 'high end phone' features.Starting with the fact it runs at quad speed, not dual core.

The Moto G is the 'most cost efficient' smart phone on the market today. That is a given!
Less than a year after its release, it was fitted with the most up to date android operating system, Kit Kat.

With Loblows announcement that they want to be the number one cell phone provider in Canada, they run 'specials' like no other company, in comparison.

My Moto G cost $150.00 on a Koodo Small Tab PLUS the Zehrs Mobile Shop ADDED an extended transferable, roll over Warranty Package and Charger, valued at $100.00.

So now my Moto G cost me $50.00 and if I don't use the Warentee, in 2 years Zerhs takes $79.99 OFF the purchase of my next phone.