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Is there a payment plan for customers?

Is there a payment plan for customers who can't always afford to pay the whole bill by the due date? If so where can I apply for that?

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You can make partial payments. There is no application for it. You just pay an amount. You may pay late charges on the outstanding amoun though. And yo can only do this if you are not on a $200 cap program with koodo.
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Hi Janny, you can! Once the due date is past, contact us over the phone and we'll make payment arrangements. Note that you will still be charged the 2% late payment fees. We can be reached at *611 from your cell or 1-866-995-6636, option #5. It's very important that you call us otherwise your account could automatically be suspended after a couple of days, even with partial payments. Making payments arrangements will prevent this 🙂