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Is the Nexus 6 going to be available soon?

I am thinking of upgrading my Nexus 4 to my next phone with Koodo. Do you know when you will have the Nexus 6 available in Nova Scotia? Thanks!

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Koodo hasn't announced any plans to carry this device at all as of yet but keep your eyes on the Facebook page and here from time to time. That's where they usually announce new additions.
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The next Nexus phone will be out in just 3 months so I wouldn't expect to see the Nexus 6 on Koodo if they haven't related it yet. You could buy it elsewhere such as Google Play as the price has just dropped a fair bit to help sell them off before the next version becomes available. I also wouldn't think it would come to Koodo because of its size and Koodo already offering a phablet that is much better (especially battery life) in the Galaxy Note 4.