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Is the listing for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 4 or 8 cores? Do we get an option?

I see that we can buy the Galaxy S7 Edge online - cool! I'd like to get the S7 Edge with the Exynos 8890 Octa, but the webpage does not specify which chipsets you are selling and I don't see an option.

Any insights would be fantastic.

Listing is found here.

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It's the Exynos
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Exynos 8890 Octa as Dennis mentioned it.
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Canada got the Exynos variant and I think Europe did as well. Pretty much everyone else got the Snapdragon. Performance wise the Snapdragon technically benchmarks better but that doesn't affect your average consumer whatsoever, and it would also have more dev support for custom Roms but again, only advanced users deal with that stuff. I loved the Exynos in the flagships last year due to their efficiency; it was great seeing the new generations of Samsung phones with toned down Touchwiz and more speed.
Awesome - thanks for the info all!