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Is proxy necessary?

I was just wondering for the APN settings, there is a proxy server listed. There are some apps that doesn't work too well with proxy, so I tried removing it...and it seems like everything still works. So I was wondering if Koodo is using the proxy for any necessary purpose at all? Thanks.

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A very good question, Char. I did a little research into it and I found this:

Proxy An optional field allowing you to specify the address of a HTTP proxy to use for all web traffic over this connection. Carriers sometimes use HTTP proxies to modify websites for your device, or to improve the speed of commonly access web pages and resources by caching them. It's relatively rare for a carrier to require that you use an HTTP proxy for your connection. In addition to this, many carriers use HTTP proxies that don't even require this field to be set, known as transparent proxies. As always, consult your carrier's recommended APN settings to see whether they recommend that you add the address of their proxy server into this field. Many carriers won't use or require a proxy, meaning this setting should remain empty. The address given may be an IP address (for example, four numbers with dots such as or the hostname of the proxy server.

Source: http://tamingthedroid.com/what-apn-settings-mean Which is all Greek to me. 😛 But it does confirm that you don't generally need it. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
[quote=Curtis]A very good question, Char. I did a little research into it and I found this:


I see that question asked long ago, but I wonder a little more. All the proxies are suitable to work with the koodo, or be sure to use paid proxies?