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Is my cracked phone still under warranty?

I was walking down the street and I pulled my phone out of my pocket, I as I went to change a song on Spotify my screen cracked, no clue how. Maybe it was to cold. I haven't dropped the phone before, also the volume on all the videos I watch has about a 2 second delay. My question is would the warranty still cover my phone?

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Hi Patrick, Unfortunately, the cracked screen is considered physical damage and is not covered under the one year manufacturers warranty. You might be able to get the screen replacement done for a lesser rate and faster turnaround time through a cell phone repair shop. Which Android phone do you have? Until the phone gets fixed there's really not a lot of troubleshooting that can be done. One option is to clear the video app's cache by going to: Settings > Apps (ALL Apps) - tap on the video app and clear its cache. If that doesn't work, try powering off the phone and turning it back on.
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Hell there Patrick.

cchck with your VISA card. Sometimes they have an extended waranty that covers thos kind of damgaes that might hapen to your phone. Unfortunately, it's onlly during the first 3 months after the purchase. Aftter that, you don't have anything else to do except pay to get it replaced.