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Is Koodo not offering the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge as an upgrade option?

Is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge offered as an upgrade? Rogers has a great promo on now for this phone and if it is not being offered at Koodo I guess I have to switch 😞

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No Koodo offers the Galaxy S7 Edge or the regular Galaxy S6. Your better off to get one of those or buy a unlocked or used S6 Edge if your set on that phone then move to Rogers, I've been with every carrier and Rogers is by far the worst to deal with. Also I'd recommend the S7 Edge as the battery life on the S6 Edge isn't the greatest but the S7 Edge has a killer battery and a better display as its quiet a bit brighter. The S7 Edge is also water resistant which the S6 isn't which means your phone can take many accidental drops in water and come out working perfect, the S6 Edge would be dead from.
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Hey Sherry,

Paul's right! We currently offer the Galaxy S7 Edge. You can click here: http://koo.do/1GgRxzH to check our current phones.

Let us know if you have more questions!