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Is koodo going to be getting the Oneplus One?

  • 18 April 2014
  • 3 replies

With the release imminent*days*, I certainly hope that Koodo will be receiving this Android phone and in timely fashion, any word as of yet?

3 replies

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They usually comment a few weeks or so in advance and so far we haven't heard any such rumblings but you never know... Koodo has been known to listen to their customers. Maybe post this as an idea and if enough people agree...well hey! you never know.
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No the One plus one has a weird way to get it right now and that is by invitation only so carriers will not be carrying it..... For awhile anyways
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Best bet is to keep your eye out on the Koodo Mobile page on Facebook or on the website itself. Reps have the same resources as customers for upcoming phones.