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Is it safe to install the Android 4.3 Update on Nexus 4?

When I bought my phone, the lady who sold it to me was unsure if it was safe or not to install the Android 4.3 system update on to my Nexus 4? Could someone please tell me if it is safe or not?

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Yes, it is totally safe! You can go into settings and make an automatic update!
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If you already have 4.2.2 there won't be a very noticeable change ... unless you have a bunch of Apps that monitor Notifications. Previously, Apps were required to use the Accessibility Service but using too many would cause problems. As of 4.3 though, Notification-monitoring Apps no longer need to use Accessibility Services & can instead use the stable Notification Listener Service (assuming the Notification Apps you use have been updated to support it).
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It's safe to install any update that is sent to your phone, which is also known as an OTA (Over The Air) Update. Keep in mind that Updates to the operating system are usually rather large and should be done over a wifi connection to avoid using a large amount of data from your service provider that could cost you quite a chunk of change as they're usually around half a gig or so.