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Is it possible to add Data to my current plan for only one month or two months and then revert to my current plan?

Can I add Data to my current plan for only one or two months and then revert to the plan I have now (same rate as I pay now)?

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Koodo doesn't offer "Data add -on" If you have a one of old Talk&Text plan or you need more data than included, you just need to pay overage charges when you used them.
Thanks, Mayumi. It is an older talk & text (600 anytime minutes for $35). I don't know how much data would be included in that plan. Normally I never need it, but I'll be working in an internet free zone later this summer and intend to tether my phone as hot-spot to iPad, so I'll need to use my phone's data capability.
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Did you get double minutes promo plan?(you have 600 minutes) If you have $35 Talk & Text plan, there is no data included. So you will need to pay per use data. You should be able to see your data overage charges through self serve. If you can't, call Koodo *611 and ask them your overage rates. Their data overage charges are different depends on when you signed up with Koodo. Just watch your usage when you tethering phone, data is expensive 🙂