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is it normal to be on hold for well over an hour now?

i have been on hold for over an hour now...is this normal?

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Yes with the holiday sales it's quite normal at the moment.
thank you..it is going on 2 hours now..
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What do you need help with? Maybe we can be of assistance. Or you can send a private message to Koodo via Facebook Messenger or DM via Twitter. It'll probably take a couple days but you won't be on the phone.
Couple days? I've sent a message through Facebook 10 days ago, so far no one answered.
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I second that. I sent a message Wednesday morning still no reply.
I waited 30 minutes yesterday and hung up but I would NOT wait 2 hours. I would cancel the services if I had to wait an hour. I would send messages as many ways possible and then refuse to pay any additional bills.
IF customers start running away they will wake up.