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is anyone having problems with dropped calls or in coming calls everyday in nb canada? this has been going on' but like never before'

  • 29 August 2018
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both my husband and i have the exact same problem ..he has a samsung 5 and i have a samsung s6 ,but we deal with dropped calls or calls that go through straight to voicemail everyday..sometimes it only lets us know about a vm 45 min later ! so if you got help id appreciate it asap as he uses his as a taxi ..ppl are left stranded ,its sad and frustrating ..tks 

6 replies

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Does anyone else with Koodo/Telus in your general area have the same problems? Does this happen regardless of where you are? What is your signal strength wherever you go? Have you tried your sim cards in other phones to see if the problem follows? You can try sending a private message to Koodo via Facebook Messenger or DM via Twitter or calling to get a call back for tech support to see if there's a backend issue or if you need new sim cards.
Thank you ! Where we live it does happen but never like its been now for at least the pass couple weeks 😞 my neighbours had issues but nothing like ours ..right now i have 1 bar but if i call anyone it hangs up on them during a simple conversation or they cant call us at all.. i havent tried the simcard in another phone but would i have to activate it ? Its an old flip phone .lol
Thank you ! Where we live it does happen but never like its been now for at least the pass couple...Ohh i did send a message for kodoo to contact and they will tomorrow ..its not right to pay just for their help when i need it asap..thank you again
I work for a company called Nextivity. They manufacture smart signal boosters called Cel-Fi. They work with carriers around the world to boost cellular signal for users. It might be worth checking out. www.cel-fi.com 
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Signal strength problems (Android)

The bars displayed on your phone are useful as decorations only. I’ve had 2 LG phones that showed very different bar profiles while still behaving exactly the same (signal on, dropped, etc). Take a look at Settings => Phone => Network. Values displayed with be -dB units (overall signal strength) and asu (signal quality… does you no good to have a strong signal full of static).

Unfortunately, nobody rates phones on signal strength in marginal situations. All the reviews point to cameras, split screens, and how skimpy your bezel can be before it disappears entirely.

To make sense of this, consider downloading Signal Strenth (Lakshman) from the google play store. Provides a nice graphical interface, and a decent guide if you are good to go using the common stoplight colour conventions. It’s free, and also useful for sorting out wifi problems without bombarding you with ads. Take some readings inside and out. If you have a marginal signal outside, but an unusable one inside, then a signal booster may help, but keep in mind 2 x zero is still zero.. there must be something useful for a booster to amplify.

If you have signal problems, check out your local tower:




scadacore has a useful terrain feature which you access by entering your location and then clicking on the nearest tower.

Terrain is very important, since may things can block your signal, not limited to, but including hills, trees, buildings, metal bug screens, venetian blinds, etc. Located in a rural area less than 800 meters from my local tower, I am snafu’ed by a hill between me and the tower. At one end of the property, reception is good, but in the home office, it’s non-existent unless the phone is literally held up to a window like a pressed ham. Nobody’s published coverage areas actually take terrain into account.

In Canada (except for prepaid and some licensing restrictions), we are supposed to have equivalent coverage regardless of the carrier, though there are probably many examples of this not really working out in pratice. If your Koodo reception is terrible, it doesn’t mean that Bell will be any better. Bell/Telus/Virgin/Koodo share infractructure in many locations (Tweedledee), as do Rogers & Videotron with their sub-brands (Tweedledum). Unless you can get a friend or colleague to demonstrate that their Tweedledum phone works demonstrably better than your Tweedledee rig at your location, you are probably on a fool’s errand to switch providers.

I have a friend in NC big metro area not sure what carrier and her friend I can send her text pics she gets them she can’t send to me. I call it goes right to voice mail 98% of the time this week I tried calling 29 times texting like 3 days in a row I just got a reply that she just got the notifications now…...3 or 4 days later…..I did send some of the same texts on skype (presumably a different network) different skype in number same issue.