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iPhone vs Android?

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Just wondering, which do you guys prefer and why?

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iPhone..... but only because Im so use to it. But I love the idea and freedom of Android.
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iPhone for the simple truth and fact that they don't slow down unlike Androids which slow down after a while, even the most highest end. And iPhone does everything I need it to and it's a lot simpler to do things I need to on iPhones. Android is just a mess to me.
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If you want to get to the point where you could actually answer one half of the questions people ask here, you would probably need at least 6 months solid experience in either Android or Apple. So there is no clear answer. It's personal preference. It's easier to migrate from the Apple ecosystem (mac, ipd, etc.) to the iPhone. But some bad experiences with iPod file structure and lack of transparency drove me to Android since being a fan of Apple since 1983 with the Lisa. I can't say that Android is any more transparent, and some of it is Windows-style kludgy, but now I have at least seen both views.
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Every OS is good for certain things, but Android is the most versatile, which is what I need.
iPhone. Reasons:
    Build Quality Customer Service Jailbreak experience is a lot better than rooting No Google Software Updates User Interface
I used to call iPhone users sheep. So there's that.
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Firefox OS.
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I love both! And am always switching but I hate to say it I always have relied on my iPhone.
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I prefer android because of file access and system variety