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iphone return policy and KOODO App

I would like there to be a change on the return Policy. Your policy says that you don't ask any questions if we'd like to exchange or return a phone before 14 days. Well thats fine, but it should be for ALL PHONES, like it says on the website. I tried to return my iphone, and Koodo customer service told me that iphone does not fall under the return policy unless I want to echange it for another iphone. This is biased and unfair. If I would like to exchange my iphone for an android, then I should be able to do so. I don't like the fact that Apple for some reason has there own terms. So please fix that issue, and also PLEASE fix your Koodo App. Its a wonderful App but it just never works! Thanks

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You can return your iPhone. Feel free to go to a kiosk as long as it is under the 14 day return/exchange. You should be able to do it
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While I agree with Erwin here that you should be able to and to head into a store, as you mention Apple has their own terms that carriers have to agree to in order to carry the iPhone. These include things like (believe it or not) they cannot break the shrink wrap on the phone before it is activated. It is possible a condition from Apple to carry the iPhone is what's keeping it from being returned.
Well the reality is that, I was one day late on my return. So I phoned up customer service at Koodo, and they said that they actually grant one whole month to return phones, just as a grace period. (They say 14 days, but allow this grace period for their customers for people who have a slip up like myself. - also, I spoke to a couple of the koodo stores in my area, and they confirmed this policy.) However, this does NOT apply to the iPhone. And I was unable to return my phone... Even though, if I had any other phone, I wouldn't have had a problem in exchanging it. So that is why I am so very upset.
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Jessica Allossery wrote:

Well the reality is that, I was one day late on my return. So I phoned up customer service at Ko...

The 14 day policy and 30 day are slightly different... The first 14 days from when you activate, you can bring the phone back to the store you bought it from for a full refund or exchange for a different model of phone. Days 15 through 30 allow and exchange of phone for the same model when you bring it to a Koodo store. Customers with an iPhone who signed a 3-year term are able to return their phone within 14 days of purchase. Cancellation charges will not apply. When I was at work last, I don't remember seeing any other limitations when it came to Iphones within the 30 days
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Totally agree with the last part of your message. Unfortunately, I think apple has some strict conditions that they want respected. And consider the grace period as a.gift and not a necessity. I would like to see this being considered but if Apple's in-store return policy is the same as Koodo's than there's no way it will change. Apple has some rules and we hell know that they stick to those rules as they stick to their same-looking iOS since the begining of iPhone.