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iphone - galaxy texting issue.

I just switched from Iphone4 to Galaxy s4. For some reason my friends who try to text me with their iphones arent being sent to my phone. they were being sent to my iphone still even after i took out the sim card, so i turned off the wifi thinking that would help. and i'm still not receiving the texts from them to my galaxy, although they are receiving my messages.. HELP!

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Did you disable iMessage before switching SIM cards? https://selfsolve.apple.com/deregister-imessage
yep. everything is deactivated and turned off. it's not even all iphones that cant message me, just some and they still are going through as imessage, and they've deleted the convo and me in the contacts and readded, and still nothing. i'm hoping its their phone not mine. but its like 5 iphone friends that cant contact me.
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Stupid Apple and their iMessage shenanigans. Maybe your friends could try deleting your contact info from their phones and then adding it again with just your phone #?
Have you clicked on the link Robert posted and followed the steps?