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ip 68 waterproof phone

Hi I would like to bring an ip68 smart phone to my koodo account. I work on the Muskoka lakes and need a tough waterproof phone. can anyone suggest a phone that will work on the koodo network?

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Galaxy s5 is water resistant for thirty minutes
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Chad Burr wrote:

Galaxy s5 is water resistant for thirty minutes

Ip68 learn something new everyday
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I would look into the Sony Xperia Z3 or M2 aqua as they are both IP 68 certified and can be both purchased unlocked (and Koodo compatible) from Sony's website.
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If you really want something rugged and waterproof, I saw this device over on the Telus website and this thing looks like it's indestructible! The Sonim XP7 is rated IP 68 and IP 69. It 'may' not need to be unlocked as it is through Telus, but I'm not 100% sure of that. It will definitely work on Koodo's network. WATERPROOF Rated IP 68 for complete submergibility in water, up to 2 m for 30 minutes Rated IP 69 for resistance to high temperature pressure wash Product site http://www.sonimtech.ca/xp7/xp7.php Telus http://www.telus.com/en/on/mobility/devices/sonim-xp7/?INTCMP=BetaCatalogCard_sonim-xp7_CTA_ToDetails
Thanks guys. i will look at these phones. you would not believe how many phones i have seen go in the lake.