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International travel and data usage

Hi! I am traveling internationally (Canada--> Italy) and would like to bring my phone (Samsung Galaxy III) with me solely for the purpose of using Wifi through my phone (no data, no calling). I have Pay-Per-Use International Long Distance as part of my plan. As long as I turn off Data Roaming (done) and turn off mobile data, am I safe from any unexpected charges?

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If you aren't going to use anything but Wifi, remove your SIM card and your worries are gone. But to answer your question yes, if data roaming and your data are off AND you don't answer your phone or send any text messages then you shouldn't incur any additional charges.
Removing your SIM card is the safest option. I have seen that my call usage shows calls received from some unknown number and calls made to unknown numbers even when there has been no such activity in actual practice.
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Or turn your plan in airplane mode and leave it like that for the whole trip