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Help! I have a Samsung s5 neo, I purchased the international text plan and can't send or receive texts, what can I do?

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Do texts within Canada work?
For international texts, make sure you have the number saved as + (country code) xxxxxxxx, that way your phone should interpret texting that number correctly.
If texting doesn't work, on your phone follow these steps: https://www.helpforsmartphone.com/public/en/samsung/galaxy-s5-neo/android-5-1/guides/26/Set-up-SMS-S...
SMSC # for Koodo is +16475800172.
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Hello Jae.

Have you added the free international roaming package from self serve? 

Here's how to add the free international roaming packages. There's two of them : 

Connect to sell serve and go to your add-ons

Click to change the add-ons

Search for 1) International Voice Roaming and 2) International Data Roaming

You should now have all those add-ons

Wish you a wonderful vacation!