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International roaming Added 30Text plan, phone calls are trying to get through, am i charged?

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Hi, I am a Samsung Galaxy Core through Koodo. Recently added the 30Text plan for 75 international texts. My phone plan is in Canada

Somebody tried to call my phone while I am now in Australia, I did not answer. Am I being charged for roaming to have access to calls coming from Canada or are those free as long as I don't answer?

If I should be shutting off something on my phone, let me know what that would be. I do want the ability to still use Wifi.


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Hi Charles, As long as you don't answer the phone when it rings you're not charged.
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Thank you!

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If you do not answer incoming calls, or check voicemail, no charges will be incurred.

You could put your phone in Airplane Mode, and turn on Wi-Fi, but would not receive any texts sent you.