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international plan, data block.

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Hi, me again.  I am going to Venezuela tomorrow.  While I am there, I will have the international talk, text, and data plan.  I also plan to put on a data block because 50MB is too easy to go over and the overage fee is yikes!  I know I could shut off my mobile data but I have accidentally turned it on before costing me $$$. I was told by a knowledgeable (you could tell, not a rookie) employee at a Koodo store that I would still be able to send unlimited picture texts, no extra charge, with this setup. That made me so nervous ($$$) that I got her to sign a piece of paper stating that would work.  I prefer to avoid mistakes, they are a hastle even to fix.  My question is, when I am in Venezuela with international talk, text, and data, with a data block, can I still send unlimited picture texts at no extra charge???

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Hi Dan, you will not be able to send Picture texts while data is turned off. Additionally, while roaming outside the country, the data used for Picture messages is not "zeroed out" like in Canada, so any Pictures sent while roaming will deplete your 50MB data bucket.
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Also, the system will not let you add a data block with the international Combo $40, as it'll create a conflict. I suggest you manually turn off data in your phone. Since our usage alerts will tell you once you used 50% and 90% of our 50MB, you'll know if it was accidentally turned back on. Also, the data will be automatically be blocked once you reach 100% usage of your 50MB, and will prompt you to reply "yes" in order to unblock it. I suggest you leave data off, take your travel pictures, and send them to friends/family once you are connected to a Wifi network, using Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram, Viber, etc. (a web based messaging app).