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International calling from the Netherlands

I have a Samsung galaxy S5. I just landed in the Netherlands and then added a roaming bundle here but I cannot connect to any Vodafone or T-mobile or any other local netherland network and I don't think the bundle can activate until it sees a network ironically (guessing I probably should have activated while I was in Canada) any tips on what to do from here to get a network on my phone? I am expecting a few important phone calls over the next 2 weeks in which case I'll be in the Netherlands. 

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If your phone is indeed seeing the networks and simply will not connect, sign into self serve and ensure that the free "International voice roaming" add on is provisioned on your account.
Thanks, that's exactly what it took. Funny how it isn't activated by default since it costs $0
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It isn't active by default because it only enables the phone to roam internationally, it does not reduce roaming fees at all, so koodo wants people to really think about the cost before using their phone overseas. It should really be added automatically when you add an international roaming package though.