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International Add on has no tracking

  • 12 June 2016
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No tracking of International Add ON while away, impossible to know where you are at?
Just returned from Europe and tried the international package with 50 min, mb, outgoing texts and unlimited incoming texts. While it was handy a couple of times for us, there was no way to figure out where you were at in terms of your international usage. I did check my koodo account many many times and it was never updated. Yes the service providers worked in several different countries,  but is kind of useless if you are trying to stay below the limits. I had an idea  of where my data, phone time and texts were at... but this feature needs a better way to track your usage or you could get a really nasty surprise on return from your international trip. What can be done about this? Second it is pretty shy on data, phone time and outgoing texts for a month of usage considering the plan is in addition to what you already have and  are paying for which in my case is unlimited texts, phone and 3 gigs of data a month. You are being charged for your plan in Canada which will receive little of no use and paying again for a plan you are using abroad that has little data, etc. Seems to me you should get some credit for what you will not be using at home but still have to pay for if you are willing to top up with the international package? While I know of some of the other alternatives when traveling internationally, it would be nice to get a bit more out of a koodo add on after years of being a loyal customer.

6 replies

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It looks like it's currently being worked on, providing the ability to see your roaming usage, and I was under the impression that it had already come out but has been glitching.

99.9% of carriers worldwide see roaming as a great opportunity to make extra cash. Unfortunately that's just how it is. T-Mobile USA has amazing built in roaming options for their postpaid plans. Also the EU is legislating an end to roaming charges within the 28 nation bloc, and it will go into full effect by next year. I'm not seeing such a thing pop up over here anytime soon.
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It looks like it's currently being worked on, providing the ability to see your roaming usage, an...Hey there! Just confirming that the issue with the usage while roaming was flagged to the right team and they are currently working on improving it. Thanks!
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Greed? North American providers are the most greedy in the Western World. To this greed it corresponds a very lousy service, generally speaking. I am not lying, go to Europe and experiment one of the best wireless service at a very affordable price. Many Europeans gave up their landline in favor of a wireless service. In North America providers are still cracking the penny.
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The data portion on roaming plans is pretty thin soup. You always have the option of unlocking your phone and going with a local SIM. Good place to start:


Thanks for the comment. My phone is unlocked and I have a Roam Mobility sim card I use in the US but our recent trip to Europe included 5 countries and there is not a great single option sim that was affordable enough. I agree that If you are only in one country for a bit of time then you can get value buying a sim locally for your unlocked phone.
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Most android phones have a built-in usage tracker for data. You can also install apps from the play store like 3G Watchdog and Call Log Monitor and activate them on arrival. They will track your phone's data, call and text usage on-the-fly.