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Intermittent notification/ringtone sound on S3

Since last Thursday I have been having intermittent sound on my phone. Not set to vibrate. All sound requirements on. Nothing changes. Works during the day, stops in the evening for awhile and then .. works again. Getting frustrating. Want to ask if anyone else having similar issues. The last update was awhile ago so cannot be that .. but who knows. I have not downloaded anything in the last few weeks. I just under one year with the phone so I will visiting a koodo shop to get them to look at it and potentially send it away but thought I would inquire here first. Thanks

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Hey there Bill. When a bug occurs with any Android device, try hard resetting it by removing battery and letting it chill for a bit. If it doesn't work, wipe data, ans start from scratch : http://www.wikihow.com/Reset-a-Samsung-Galaxy-S3 If then it doesn't work, it may be a problem with the phone itself so > warranty!
Do I leave the sim card in for reset?
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A normal reset, yeah. Wont affect nothing IMO. Same goes for the wipe, but remove the SIM card if you wipe data and reset!