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Intermittent Data Service

I experience intermittent data service with my Koodo LG P970G. It happens on a daily basis in strong (5 bars) and weak signal areas, in both urban areas and rural areas, across Ontario. This was an issue on Android version 2.3 and it continues after the update to version 4.0. When the data service stops working, the "H" icon remains on display, and the up arrow flashes to indicate data being sent, but the down arrow does not flash to indicate data reception, and of course after a short time the browser or app in use returns a network timeout error. The service usually returns in a few minutes. At the same time, I have never experienced a dropped call that could not be explained (such as travelling through an area with weak service), so I would presume the hardware to access the network is good.

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Hey Russell, Please give us a call at 1-866-995-6636, option #6 (free of charge from a land line). A rep from Tech Support will help you fix this. We look forward to assisting you! Thanks ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
Thanks; unfortunately, the problem continues even after they investigated and adjusted some network settings. Maybe it is the phone...
This is marked as answered but it is not quite resolved. I have called in twice in the past few months and they have adjusted some settings (I don't know which or where), but the problem continues without any apparent differences. One _very_ important thing I forgot to mention is that data service will stay up indefinitely if I constantly draw data, for example, I can stream audio for hours without an interruption. Non-continuous data transfer, such as scrolling through a Twitter feed or browsing a web site, is when I get the timeouts in the middle of the activity and no data for several minutes. It is also about 50/50 whether it will work when I first launch an app. If data is not working, I have to wait a few minutes, and then it starts to work. Thanks for any other suggestions!