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Intermittent 503 errors?

I'm running into a strange issue for the past couple of months. Whenever I'm on 3G and going to various sites, I'm getting 503 errors intermittently. It doesn't matter what the site (or content) is, but it would just spit back an error. To be more clear, only the web browsers report a 503 error. Reloading once or twice helps to clear the error. Every other app reports it as an unknown or unexpected error. This problem goes away if I switch to WiFi. What could be the cause of this issue? Are my APNs not configured correctly? edit: I should also say that I have a Nexus 4.

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Error 503 is actually a response from a server, which means the phone is still getting internet access. You can try reconfiguring the apn to leave out the proxy server and port for the internet connection, that may fix the issue. (MMS proxy and MMS port are still required though).
Oh, I've had the proxy server and port numbers deleted since I got the Nexus 4... That's why I was confused about the 503 error, because it means that it's a server reply but doesn't explain why the error *never* shows up on Wifi but does so on 3G on a consistent basis. It doesn't matter whether it's a low or high reception area either...
I've had these errors too, using Koodo on my iPhone. I don't have any proxies or strange web settings, and the issue only occurs on 3G. It appears that Koodo is spoofing 503 responses (they all look identical except for the address), presumably when network traffic is high. Whatever the reason, it's a dishonest thing to do because Koodo makes it look like it came from the server you're connecting to.