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instructions please, setting up email on iNQ

sending email on iNQ phone, how do I set this up so I can do this? I can send my pictures to another phone, but everytime I try to email it fails, something about setting and no answer in literature (the so called manual)

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INQ chat 3g or inq cloud touch?
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Ok, I had one of those let's see. First, is this a Koodo phone or an unlocked phone you got elsewhere?
koodo, which I inherited from my wife, she moved up to a touch screen. I need to email photos of a dog bite on the phone to my lawyer and right now I can send them to her and then she can email them to me, etc. but there has to be a better way.
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Honestly, that phone is a lesson in frustration but I'll see if I can remember nope I can't. Here's what I could find online. I know Gmail worked straight away but that phone is seriously frustrating and old. Technology has really moved ahead since that. How do I set up an email account on the INQ Chat 3G? To add an email account to your INQ Chat 3G, first select INQ Email from the Switcher. Some of the most popular email service providers are listed in the Add Account screen. If yours is one of the ones shown, highlight and select it from the list. You'll be asked to insert your email account details, including email address and password. Some providers may also ask for your domain (e.g. whether your email address ends in .com or .co.uk) before pre-populating other fields. If your service provider is not listed, you will be asked to insert all details manually. Once you've added all of your details, select Log in. Your INQ Chat 3G will connect to your inbox and begin downloading the 50 most recent emails in your account's inbox.
TY. Will attempt as soon as I get back from supper.
Thank you, thank you. That got it done.
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Allan Lanman wrote:

Thank you, thank you. That got it done.

You're welcome glad I could help even in a small way. Btw seriously there are some great deals on newer hardware out there. Things that aren't so complicated as that. Nexus 4 is 300$ or free on a tab BlackBerry Q5 is a good deal too
Yup. I know, and will make that move, but right at the moment I am still transitioning from my "flip phone". 🙂 At 68 I do not go around with this glued to my body, unable to eat or hold a conversation without answering texts, etc. I still am trying to figure out if a qwerty keyboard machine is what I want, if so do I want one that slides out and has the marginally bigger keyboard, or do I want to go touch screen like my wife. I know touch screen is the "thing", but don't know that it is what I need for my use. thanks, again.