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instructions for setting up a new phone on an old account?

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my old phone uses a micro SD card. the unlock phone I plan get uses a nano SD card. I assume I just run down to the local Koodo booth and pick up a new nano SD card, put it in the new phone and activate it online, but is it that simple? I can't find instructions anywhere on how to do it.

I'm guessing I just use the "active new phone" option?
will I keep my old phone number?
can I simply switch back to my old phone and SD card if I decide I don't like my new phone after a few months?
when I pick up a new SD card, is there an expiry date? do I need to active the card right away?

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It's really that simple - just get the nano SIM and activate it in self service - that's all!

Nothing else will change, you won't even notice you switched phones and yes you can switch back between the old phone (SIM) and new within 90 days 🙂
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ok, so I don't have to do anything with the new SIM card? I just insert the new card into the phone and activate the phone online or do I activate the SIM card then put it in the phone?

BTW, I kept typing SD card, I meant SIM card in the original post
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It doesn't really matter the order you do it but it needs to be activated to be useful. Putting it in first might require a restart or for it to be Re inserted but that's about it.