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Information entered does not match with the account info.

So I just recently became a Koodo customer, i got a samsung galaxy s6 edge, i have been trying to register to Self Serve but everytime i try to register it gives me the error "Information entered does not match with the account info." I know that im entering the info right and ive tried to register on the app on my phone, google chrome, firefox and internet explorer. Can someone help me please, if this doesnt work i guess ill call customer service but im scared that ill recieve a extra charge, so if anyone know what to do, please help

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It's possible the Rep who entered your info made a mistake. But you'll have to call Koodo later and have a rep fix it. A heads up, koodo only charges you when you have a rep make changes you could've made yourself via selfserve. There's never a fee to talk to tech support or a rep. And they will always let you know if something you ask them to do has a charge associated with it. Since this isn't something you can do on your own, there won't be a charge.
Okay thank you, I will give them a call later and see how this works out.