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Incomplete Port (2 phones, 1 number)

I ported out from Petro Mobile (HTC Amaze phonne) to koodo (Nexus 4 phone), but both phones when they dial out show the same caller ID. The old number (that was replaced by the PM number) is no longer in service. The old PM phone is the only one that can receive calls to my number, and the only one to receive texts - EXCEPT when I send a text to myself from the Nexus, it shows up on the nexus. Any ideas? This has been happening since last night....

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How long ago did you port? It can take up to 24hrs to fully port over. If I remember correctly, you get a text from Koodo stating the port is completed.
Ported yesterday afternoon... will wait to tomorrow morning before I call tech support... just wierd to have to check 2 different phones when getting texts (calls still only go to HTC phone)
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Yeah it happens. Give it till tonight to fix itself up.