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Incoming U.S. calls and calls from rest of canada.

I have province wide calling...I have a base plan of $25 Unlimited Messaging (Text and Picture) and Unlimited Local 7pm Evenings & Weekends...and then i buy daytime minutes. If I get a phone call at night..after 7 pm..from the u.s. or somewhere else in canada will i get charged anything? If they call during the day and I pick up is there some kind of extra charge or will i just use up my normal minutes so long as I don't call them? And if I DO call them how many cents per minute is it? I would like an answer to all of this please. Thanks.

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If you get a call after 7pm you should be fine. There's no difference for incoming calls being from other Canadian numbers or American numbers. Yes you'd get charged per minute during the day before 7pm to receive calls. You'd get charged 2 minutes per minute you use to call an American number and 5 minutes per minute for an international call.