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Incoming SMS delayed

[b]Anyone else experiencing delays in receiving SMS text messages lately?


Been user of Koodo for many years. Using current phone since more than 1 year, problem started to occur in the last few weeks where sporadically the incoming texts can take a long time to be received ([b]like many hours).

Phone is Android but problem will occur when the other person is either iPhone or Android. Even sending a text to myself will be delayed.

Rebooting the phone and/or removing/replacing the SIM card has no positive impact on fixing. 

I've looked at similar threads and it seems there never was a clear explanation on why this happens. 

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There's several reasons whether it's back end overloading or local towers being busy or some unknown thing as there's been times where it's affected me but only specific people etc.
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Hello there,

I haven't had anything occur to me since I'Ve been with Koodo...